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  1. SiteMinder - eine ganzheitliche Lösung zur Kundengewinnung im Gastgewerbe Kundengewinnung leicht gemacht - mehr Gäste für Ihr Hotel 35.000 Hoteliers vertrauen uns bereits - profitieren auch Sie von SiteMinders intelligenten und einfachen Lösungen: Channel Manager - einschließlich Einblicke in den Umsat
  2. Whilst SiteMinder could be flexible in accommodating exceptions in the past, the constant increase in the number of PMS installations and is reaching a level where exceptions can no longer be allowed. Failure to follow these guidelines could jeopardise the PMS interface and, if no action is taken by the PMS provider to rectify non-compliance within 3 months from notification, SiteMinder.
  3. About SiteMinder | The world's #1 hotel technology provider It's simple - we bring more guests to every hotel With SiteMinder, hoteliers spend less time on technology and more time with the guests we brin
  4. SiteMinder provides policy-based authentication as well as single sign-on for all Web-based applications. SiteMinder is used in conjunction with IdentityMinder, which manages detailed user..
  5. der means Computer Associate's (CA) SiteMinder is an enterprise infrastructure product that enables centralised web access management system that enables user authentication and single sign-on, policy-based authorization, identity federation, and auditing of access to Web applications and portals
  6. Site Minder was originally created by Netegrity, which was acquired by CA (Computer Associates) in 2005. SiteMinder is an Access Management component. It provides a centralized and secure policy management in large scale. It provides a way to authenticate user and authorise the user for the application which he is only authorised for
  7. CA Technologies, formerly known as CA, Inc. and Computer Associates International, Inc., is an American multinational corporation headquartered in New York City.Since November 5, 2018, the company has been a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc.. Prior to the Broadcom acquisition, CA was ranked as one of the largest independent software corporations in the world

Deutsches Star Stable Online Wiki Hier wird man alle Infos finden, die es auf Star Stable Online gibt. Star Stable Online Wiki ist eine Wissensdatenbank, die von jedem bearbeitet werden kann. Wenn du mithelfen willst, schau Dir lieber vorher den Artikel Hilfe:Bearbeitungshilfe an. Da ist erklärt wie du Artikel schreibst und formatierst.Tabellen und Bilder können ebenfalls erstellt werden Leben. Apache 207 wurde in Ludwigshafen am Rhein geboren und wuchs im Stadtteil Niederfeld des Ludwigshafener Ortsbezirks Gartenstadt auf. Er spielte in seiner Jugend Fußball beim Ludwigshafener SC und beim VfR Frankenthal. 2017 beendete er seine schulische Ausbildung am Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Ludwigshafen mit der allgemeinen Hochschulreife () GDS by SiteMinder GIC. Guest Incoming GIM. GIMH S.A GLK. Guestlink GMO. Gomio GNA. GNA Hotel Solutions GNC. Grand National Concierge GOA. Go2Africa GOB. GoBooking GOT. Grupo Opentours GOW. Gowaii GQO. GoQuo GTA. GTA-Travel HAB. Habicus Group (SilverDoor) HAN. Hana Tour HAO. Haoqiao HBD. Hotelbeds HBN. HBN Online HBZ. Hotel Bonanza HCL.


In SiteMinder single sign-on (SSO), a user successfully authenticates through one agent and does not have to re-authenticate when accessing a realm protected by a different agent. The two agents must be in the same cookie domain, for example: /abc.siteminder.com. CA SiteMinder supports both single- and multi-domain single sign-on http://www.virtualnuggets.com/ca-single-sign-on.htmlCA Single Sign-On can provide organization enterprise-class secure single sign-on (SSO) and flexible iden.. The SiteMinder software is not available online, and you must have an account with Computer Associates to obtain the software. To validate this document, the following components were deployed in a lab environment: Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0. Sun Web Server 6.1 SP5 . Sun Directory Server 5.2 SP2 . CA SiteMinder Server 6.0 SP5 . CA SiteMinder Agent 6.0 for iPlanet Web Server 6.1 . CA SiteMinder. Background . Authentication via SiteMinder. We use siteminder for connecting TWiki to our corporate Intranet Login system. The documents below are for SiteMinder.The particular piece we need to handle is to get TWiki to pick up the HTTP_SM_USER instead of REMOTE_USER and have this select the user's WikiName.. From siteminder-agent-guide.pdf page 222

SiteMinder; Wiki; SiteMinder Brought to you by: openportals. Summary Files Reviews Support Wiki Menu Wiki Home; Browse Pages; Browse Labels; Formatting Help; Home Authors:. CA SiteMinder® 12.52. Welcome to the CA SiteMinder® bookshelf. Browse the categories for the information you need. Some of the available resources require access to MyCA, CA Communities, and Support. Register today. Search: Use Search on this bookshelf to search the product documentation provided on the bookshelf. The CA Support website provides additional sources of product information. SiteMinder Payments ist eine einfache und sichere Art und Weise für Ihre Unterkunft, Zahlungen online über das Buchungssystem von SiteMinder zu akzeptieren. Es spart Ihnen Zeit und hilft Ihnen, Ihr Unternehmen vor unzuverlässigen Kreditkarten und ungewollten Stornierungen oder Nichtanreisen zu schützen. Sie können Anzahlungen zum Zeitpunkt der Buchung oder Vorauszahlungen für die. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Please try reloading this page Help Create Join Login. Open Source Software. Accounting; CRM; Business Intelligenc This section provides instructions for integrating IBM IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center with CA SiteMinder for single sign-on authentication. The integration involves installing IBM HTTP Server (included in the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center package) and CA SiteMinder Web agent on the same host

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In SiteMinder single sign-on (SSO), a user successfully authenticates through one agent and does not need to re-authenticate when accessing a realm protected by a different agent. The two agents must be in the same cookie domain, for example: /xyz.siteminder.com. Problem. There may be situations where users access a web service which is, for example, hosted on a Apache Web server and users are. SiteMinder General Information Description. Provider of an online hotel distribution and connectivity platform intended to help hotels to lower costs to acquire and retain guests. The company's platform offers cloud based products including a channel manager, booking engine and connection tools to enhance service, enabling hotel groups to gain a technology partner for their business. Contact. Keep in mind that you can add labels to any wiki article without taking ownership of the wiki. So if you read and see any article you think applies and would be good to see in this Auth support page, just use the above mention label and sub-label. Product Documentation. This section will have links to typical documentation used to configure external identity providers within your BI product. When executing a REST command via curl, I get a HTTP 302 response back, redirecting to the .fcc file, so I need to autheticate first. According to cURL and Siteminder authentication I need to post..

We have a number of older and current wiki spaces with documentation for our various software products. For our supported releases, the IDP4 space covers the latest Identity Provider software and the SP3 space covers the latest Service Provider software. You will also find additional spaces that contain content that is applicable to the Shibboleth Project as a whole or that contain material. Dateityp SiteMinder Unauthorized Message File, Die auf dieser Seite aufgeführten Softwarebeschreibungen für Mac, Windows, Linux, Android und iOS wurden mit dem Befehl DateiWiki einzeln recherchiert und überprüft. Wir bemühen uns um eine 100% ige Genauigkeit und veröffentlichen nur Informationen über Dateiformate, die wir getestet und geprüft haben SiteMinder Credential Collector is an application within the web policy agent that gathers specific information about a user's credentials, and then sends the information to the Policy Server. For form-based authentication, credentials are acquired by the Forms Credential Collector (FCC) process. The default extension for FCC files i

CA Technologies wurde 1976 als Computer Associates International, Inc. gegründet, im Jahr 2004 in CA, Inc. umbenannt. Seit 2010 erfolgte der Außenauftritt als CA Technologies. Als eines der größten Softwareunternehmen der Welt vertreibt es Management-Software für Netzwerke, Storage, Security sowie Projekt- und Portfoliomanagement. Seit November 2018 ist CA, Inc. ein Tochterunternehmen der Broadcom Inc. CA, Inc. Rechtsform Incorporated ISIN US12673P1057 Gründung 1976 Sitz New York City. CA SiteMinder® 12.52 SP1. Your product documentation is evolving. Announcing the new CA SiteMinder documentation platform. This platform lets you: Collaborate and find answers quickly with intuitive search; Access up-to-date information on mobile devices; Export information to PDF and Word documents; Rate and comment the documentation; Provide us with feedbac Siteminder SSO. Posted by Avocadocommander Fri 04 Mar 2016 15:19 GMT-0000. I am looking to implement Siteminder for my wiki, I have installed it and configured it with IIS. Has anyone ever used this software before? I am stuck on some application side configurations. I know that many examples that I have seen recommend LDAP so I thought I would start here. Cheers. Reads: 3180 Link. Show posts:.

CA SiteMinder Adapter for CA WebFort and CA RiskFort Installation and Configuration Guide (Windows) 12.0 | SP3. PDF. CA SiteMinder Adapter for CA WebFort and CA RiskFort Release Notes (Solaris) 12.0 | SP3. PDF. CA SiteMinder Adapter for CA WebFort and CA RiskFort Release Notes (Windows) 12.0 | SP3 . PDF. Directory Configuration Guide. 12.0 | SP2. PDF. Federation Security Services Guide. 12.0. 401 Are you lost Configuring BO XI 3.1 with SiteMinder for SSO, involves multiple steps in SiteMinder tools and CMC of Business Objects XI 3.1. This wiki page not only guides with you exact steps, but also gives an idea about how the SiteMinder and BO XI 3.1 are connected through web agent installed on application server (ex : tomcat) Overview (Size: Heading 2 FileNet war ein 1982 in Costa Mesa (CA), USA gegründeter Hard- und Softwarehersteller, dessen ursprüngliches Ziel die Entwicklung und der Verkauf von optischen Speichertechnologien war und zuletzt mit seinem Produkt FileNet P8 die Marktführerschaft im Bereich Enterprise Content Management innehatte. In Deutschland begann FileNet seine Geschäftstätigkeit bereits im Jahr 1988

In TKU January 2015, the pattern was updated with i mproved versioning for the CA SiteMinder Policy Agent SI. TKU February 2015 In TKU February 2015, the pattern was updated with i improved install_root extraction for the CA SiteMinder Policy Agent SI. TKU September 2015 In TKU September 2015 configuration file name for new versions updated Extraordinary revenue management designed for smaller hotels, B&Bs, and more. Increase revenue by 22%*. Free Trial. And no expertise required SiteMinder Presse hier finden Sie das Pressearchiv mit allen Pressemitteilungen auf dem Presseportal openPR.d Project Highlight. Web agents are complex software systems that operate in the world wide web, the Internet, and related corporate, government, or military intranets

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  1. der is IDP, 3rd party software is SP. Resolution Since SP is 3 rd party software, its code logic or configuration must be changed so that it will send SAMLRequest in the proper encoding format in order to bypass the error and be processed by CA Site
  2. Broadcom Inc. is a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions
  3. Mit Hilfe des Channel Managers von SiteMinder können Hotels ab sofort TripConnect von TripAdvisor nutzen, um das Direktgeschäft aktiv zu steigern
  4. Quick Search results (type ahead) Recent Searches; SiteMinder. Your trail
  5. istration Advanced Identity Mapping with CA Single Sign-On (formerly known as CA SiteMinder) - YouTube CA Single Sign-On (formerly known as CA SiteMinder) Enables SSO Between Different Cookie Domains - YouTube CA SiteMinder Periodic Maintenance Tasks 12.5

Learn about working at SiteMinder. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at SiteMinder, leverage your professional network, and get hired You need to create SiteMinder Agent and Domain objects with realms, rules, and a policy that is related to IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere Application Server. When a user requests a page that is protected by SiteMinder, the Web Agent on the HTTP server intercepts the request and prompts the user for authentication. If the user provides valid credentials, the user is authenticated and an SMSESSION cookie is added to the request which is then passed on to the WebSphere Application Server. The. call SiteMinder.ValidateApiKey() from global.asax begin request to check the http headers for the matching config values below: < add key=WebMinder.ApiKeyName value=ExampleHeaderKeyName/ > < add key=WebMinder.ApiKeyValue value=ExampleHeaderKeyValue/ > Dont like the current HTTP Request? SiteMinder.RecordBadIpRequest(); (default rule below is for 5 bad request per IP per hour) Fluent. Retrieved from https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Extension:Siteminder_Authentication&oldid=321729 A well known CA server is Siteminder, which helps to provide information to the application by setting specific headers on the HTTP request. By default, it uses the SM_USER header to pass the username, which is later authenticated by the GenericHttpHeaderLoginmodule class in the Geronimo server. You can configure the security realm for HTTP header-based authentication. The following.

Non-Printable Characters in CA SSO/Siteminder Password Services. book Article ID: 36616. calendar_today Updated On: Products. CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) AXIOMATICS POLICY SERVER CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On. Show More Show Less. Issue/Introduction . QUESTION: Within CA SSO/Siteminder Password Services you can configure password. SiteMinder The user authentication and authorization component of an access management suite from Netegrity (www.netegrity.com), a division of CA Technologies. SiteMinder provides policy-based authentication as well as single sign-on for all Web-based applications. SiteMinder is used in conjunction with IdentityMinder, which manages detailed user profiles, and TransactionMinder, which provides.

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Prerequisites. RSA SecurID Access; Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo with SAML SSO and a fully qualified domain name for the instance (i.e. jira-dev.company.local or jira.company.com A well-known CA server is Siteminder, which helps to provide information to the application by setting specific headers on the HTTP request. By default, it uses the SM_USER header to pass the user name, which is later authenticated by the GenericHttpHeaderLoginmodule class in WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. You can configure the security realm for HTTP header-based. Articles Tagged: siteminder (6 total articles) IBM Connections 4.0 Deployment Scenario - SUSE and Siteminder ~Manny Ekwegenettu; January 9, 2013; Category: Deployment Scenarios. Tags: SUSE, siteminder, 4.0_deployment : This scenario explains how to deploy Connections 4.0 in a network deployment that involves multiple computers, that is, one WebSphere cell that contains two nodes, both of which. SiteMinder - The complete guest acquisition platform for hotels. SiteMinder Cost & Reviews - Capterra Australia 2021. SiteMinder | Hotel PMS Interfaces & Integrations | RoomKeyPMS. Using CA SiteMinder® SPS as a Web Agent Replacement. CA SiteMinder® SPS Architecture Introduced. Oracle EBS Siteminder SSO Integration for 11i, R12, and 12.2 Siteminder - NewMind.co.uk. SiteMinder launches. Compare DokuWiki, Wiki.js and Confluence feature by feature and find your best Wiki software

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  1. Duo is a user-centric access security platform that provides two-factor authentication, endpoint security, remote access solutions and more to protect sensitive data at scale for all users, all devices and all applications
  2. der SSO. Posted by Avocadocommander Fri 04 Mar 2016 15:19 GMT-0000. I am looking to implement Site
  3. This allows plugging to any existing authentication mechanism such as SiteMinder, etc. To configure a custom authentication do the following: Implement the XWikiAuthService interface. Edit the WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg file and add a xwiki.authentication.authclass property pointing to your class. For example
  4. SiteMinder is an Australian-based company that provides cloud-based software to the travel and hospitality industry. Its main focus is online distribution and direct booking technology

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SiteMinder trusted identity providers use the following SSL certificates to encrypt their communications with the SiteMinder Policy Server: 1. A certificate authority certificate (CA-certificate or root certificate). 2. An x.509 certificate (signing certificate) A fake implementation of CA's SiteMinder product that enables easy development of your SiteMinder integrated application without installing SiteMinder on your development environment. Runs as a reverse proxy using the fabulous node-http-proxy library and injects custom logic to protect a target site, handle and manage SM session state since siteminder is 3rd party isapi filter for authentication, you need config update in web app's using siteminder,log path,etc.. Tuesday, February 17, 2009 5:55 AM © 2021 Microsoft

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The SPI platform includes a comprehensive set of modules that provide a world-class timeshare resort management solution. The scope of modules include solutions for marketing, sales, property management, loan servicing, maintenance fee servicing, receivables management, centralized reservations, owner services, integrations, mobile, and web applications Distributed, SaaS, and security solutions to plan, develop, test, secure, release, monitor, and manage enterprise digital service {serverDuration: 34, requestCorrelationId: 8d8e640b961d8540} Confluence {serverDuration: 34, requestCorrelationId: 8d8e640b961d8540 Front Desk and Reservation System takes the hassle out of online bookings for your small hotel or B&B. Save time and get more bookings with Little Hotelier

Effective Tours Wiki; Blog; Video manuals; Register; Sign In; Hotel channel manager & PMS from 5$ per month! Manage your rates and inventory from one dashboard. Generate more bookings with powerful auto-discount module. Be closer to your clients using automated e-mails. Update your travel partners with real-time availability and rates via individual s. Export rates and inventory to Excel. Hotel bookings in Germany hit 30-day high on SiteMinder's World Hotel Index. SiteMinder auf Wikipedia, Google News & Yahoo Finance. SiteMinder auf LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube. SiteMinder hat 2.426 Konkurrenten, einschließlich IBM (USA), Infosys (Indien) und Zywave (USA) Role: Sr Siteminder Developer Responsibilities: Working for Computer Associate (CA) as a Sr Siteminder consultant for doing high-level deployments and configurations on the Production Servers and providing onsite support during this transition, troubleshooting with ongoing issues during the deployments. Training the client operational resources about the transition

{{#vardefine:DtArticleSortKey|}} CA SiteMinder RP {{#vardefine:page|{{#if:{{#var:page}}|{{#var:page}}|CA SiteMinder RP}}}}{{#vardefine:nr|{{#if:{{#var:nr}}|{{#expr. Hello everyone, I am using siteminder r12.52. And install web agent with IBM HTTP Server. But in H... For all but some versions and then on IIS, the default for REMOTE_USER is to duplicate SM_USER/SM... I try what you said but didn't work. I set DisableUserNameVars =no and SetRemoteUser=y..

Social business wiki for HCL Connections product documentation and community content. HCL Connections On-Premise Documentation Wiki; THIS WIKI IS READ-ONLY. HCL Forums and Blogs; Home . Product Documentation. API Documentation. Search: Tag: siteminder Share Subscribe Show . 25; 50; 100; 500; results per page. Previous 1 Next. Articles Tagged: siteminder (2 total articles) IBM Connections 4.0. 1. Install the RSA Access Manager or CA Siteminder on your network 2. Install an authentication plug-in for your selected product on the Documentum Content Server. This will enable it to authenticate users when they supply an SSO security token instead of a password That's it. This is provided as an out-of-the-box integration by Documentum. Arch Linux is an independently developed, x86-64 general-purpose GNU/Linux distribution that strives to provide the latest stable versions of most software by following a rolling-release model. The default installation is a minimal base system, configured by the user to only add what is purposely required

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Many translated example sentences containing Siteminder - Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations En esta aplicación se registran las Agencias y Empresas con las que el hotel tiene convenios comerciales de tarifas. Antes de poder registrar tarifas se debe registrar la agenci

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.NET 5.0 downloads for Linux, macOS, and Windows. .NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building many different types of applications Netegrity SiteMinderによって使用されるエラーメッセージファイル。認証方式で定義されている最大ログイン失敗回数を超えたユーザーに表示されるテキストを含みます。 より詳しい情報 . 各 .FCC 認証ファイルには、対応するUNAUTHファイルが必要です。 開くプログラム UNAUTH ファイル. Windows : Netegrity.

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  1. der, permite enviar masivamente las Tarifas y Restricciones hacia Site
  2. User header key - key used by the SiteMinder on authenticated users in case where information can be retrieved from the HTTP header (comma separated list. F or example: HTTP_SM_USER, HTTP_UID) XpoLog uses the header key(s) to validate the user's authentication and to retrieve information regarding the user. If more than one key is provided, XpoLog will use the keys one by one to try and.
  3. Hoteldatenbanken mit Bildern, mehrsprachigen Texten und Hotel Factsheet sowie Matching-Dienstleistungen an bereits mehr als 21.500 OTA, stationäre Reisebüros und Reiseveranstalter u.v.a. weltweit

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On 14/07/05, Cary Collett <cary at ratatosk.org> wrote: > One of the show stoppers, at least as near as I can tell, is > our use of SiteMinder for user auth. I'm wondering how difficult > it would be to get MediaWiki to play with it. I don't know the details of it, but there is an AuthPlugin facility in MediaWiki for exactly this kind of task; I know that one successful implementation uses. Retrieved from https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Extension_talk:Siteminder_Authentication&oldid=366691 Alle Informationen sind jederzeit greifbar und Teamaktivitäten ununterbrochen sichtbar. Dank Projekträumen, integriertem Wiki, Dokumentenmanagement und Diskussionsforen können vorhandene Informationen und Wissen während der täglichen Arbeit automatisch festgehalten werden. Dank effizienter Suchverfahren (gleiche Lösung wird z.B. auch bei Twitter) können Sie auf die vorhandenen Informationen (z.B. Stellenbeschreibungen, Zielvereinbarungen etc.) jederzeit schnell und unkompliziert.

Wiki Home Title Index. Summary. Users expect to access portal content in their browser with with just one single dialog. Different Single Sign-On techniques have been developed to solve this problem and the common ones are supported by arcplan Enterprise. SSO Techniques. All SSO techniques require, that the arcplan server somehow authenticates the client user against the database without. The WoT scorecard provides crowdsourced online ratings & reviews for siteminder.com.au regarding its safety and security. So, is siteminder.com.au safe? Come find ou In dem Wiki werden die oben erwähnten Dokumente verwaltet, aber auch ein QM-Handbuch. Grundlegend ist, dass alle gelenkten Dokumente dort abgelegt werden. Darüber hinaus werden auch Gremienbeschlüsse, die bindend sind, oder Protokolle aus Entscheidungskreisen, die wichtige Entscheidungen dokumentieren, dort hinterlegt. Normale Protokolle können auch im Wiki hinterlegt werden, unterliegen.

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Das heißt also, es muss über den SiteMinder WebAgent sichergestellt sein dass keine Requests direkt an Alfresco abgesetzt werden können. Das Alfresco-System darf nur über den proxy WebAgent erreichbar sein da andernfalls durch Manipulation des HTTP-Headers die Authentifizierung umgangen werden könnte. WebUI-Filter-Beispiel für die Konfiguration in der web.xml: <filter> <filter-name. Hi all, I am evaluating the JBoss Portal and see if it can integrate with Single Sign On product SiteMinder. Is it possible to integrate the JBoss Portal. Skip navigation. JBossDeveloper. Log in; Register; JBoss Community Archive (Read Only) Home; Content; Places; Search Cancel All Places > PicketBox > Discussions. 3 Replies Latest reply on Feb 18, 2008 1:52 AM by barramundi . JBoss Portal and.

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500 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities AppFusions has been a leading packaged integration vendor for Atlassian since 2010, with 100s of customers using our solutions over that same time. There's nothing that can break our back when it comes to Atlassian systems - experts by experience Tailored solutions built fast, secure, and connected on one platform. Support your customers, partners, and employees with a single flexible digital experience platform that works to bring value to your business and end users

The New Governance - Scott Morrison CTO Layer 7 TechnologiesErik Blachford - Lead Independent Director at Peloton

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For Wikis page URI, encode the fragment identifier hash sign (#) to '%23' in order to avoid being blocked by SiteMinder Computer Associates Siteminder still flags the # (hash sign) as an unsafe character in URLs for Internet. Siteminder enforces this rule when passing URL: it blocks the wiki application. The # is present in the vanilla wiki URI's query parameter portion (after the '?') for. THIS WIKI IS READ-ONLY. Learn more... Home. Product Documentation. Community Articles. Learning Center. IBM Redbooks. API Documentation. Search: Share Subscribe Share Subscribe IBM Connections. Select version. IBM Connections 3.0.1 documentation.

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Community Articles > Sametime Meetings > Setting up an IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.1 Meeting Server for CA SiteMinder Agent r6.0 integration Share Subscribe About the Original Author. Alicia Casarrubios. Contribution Summary: Articles authored: 4; Articles edited: 1; Comments Posted: 0; Recent articles by this author. Sametime 9.0.1 Integration Guide: Integrating Sametime 9.0.1 with Domino 9.0.1. Siteminder is a SSO solution -- there's an Apache agent for it. In short, it sets server variables like REMOTE_USER to the logged-in user's username. First I installed Trac and set it up with Apache and WSGI. This seems to work just fine. I verified that Siteminder is setting REMOTE_USER by temporarily setting up Apache to point it to a PHP script to output the variables: ScriptAlias /trac. Es ist eine Schande, dass Ihr Kunde CA SiteMinder verwenden möchte - das Open Source OpenAM (früher OpenAM) macht das ziemlich einfach. Wie wird SAML SSO normalerweise implementiert? Ich habe das gelesen (nicht überholt) über die Verwendung von SAML mit Google Apps und den Wikipedia-Eintrag auf SAML. Der Wikipedia-Eintrag spricht darüber, mit Formularen zu antworten, die Details zu. GMX Search - quick, clear, accurate. Mit den GDS/CRS Systemen wurde ein Instrument dafür geschaffen, das alle Buchungen bei der Fluggesellschaft in Echtzeit verfügbar macht und mit dessen Hilfe.

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SiteMinder. WebLogic 10g R3. Ist das Content Repository JackRabbit im Einsatz, gibt es nur ab der Release P6.2.1 einen Migrationspfad nach Oracle UCM! Wichtige Support Nodes. P6 R8 Standalone Installation And Upgrade Status [ID 1266725.1] Best Practices For Upgrading Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) [ID 1348890.1] Upgrade Advisor: Primavera P6 Enterprise Project.

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