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When a customer brings the issue to Pure Storage Support's attention over the phone, a Customer Support Specialist (CSS) fields the call, performs basic analysis, and creates a case in our management and tracking system Take control of the Pure Storage ecosystem by leveraging self-service on our Knowledge portal via best practices, troubleshooting, solutions, reference & more to support optimizing your environment. Home - Pure Technical Service Pure Storage akquiriert Portworx und treibt die Zukunft von Cloud-nativen Anwendungen weiter voran. Pure Storage hat eine Vereinbarung zur Übernahme von Portworx getroffen, der Kubernetes Data Services Platform, der Unternehmen vertrauen, um unternehmenswichtige Container-basierte Anwendungen zu betreiben. Weiterlesen This Pure Storage Customer Support Guide (Guide) describes the technical support and maintenance services to be provided by or on behalf of Pure Storage, Inc. (Pure Storage) and familiarizes customers with our team, best practices, tools and methodologies. Via the web: http://pure1.purestorage.com/support. Via e-mail: support@purestorage.com Pure Storage Customer Support Guide. Last updated. Jul 15, 2020. Save as PDF. Currently viewing public documentation. Please to access the full scope of documentation. Table of contents. No headers. The Customer Support Guide gives a detailed view of each of Pure Storage's support services

The Pure Storage Support Associate Exam establishes the foundation for a Support Engineer to provide first-call customer support of Pure Storage products and services. This exam helps to validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of successful Pure Storage Support Engineers at the Associate level Common backup methods include: Full-image backup: You back up the full image of your data to create a restore point you can instantly roll back to. Because you're performing a full backup, this technique takes the longest to store. Differential backup: Backs up all changes since the last full-image backup

Zone any single initiator to as many Pure ports as you like (for a dual fabric environment, use 4 ports through each fabric to each host port WWN). Back in the day FC switch vendors recommended 1 host port to 1 storage port per zone. This was when a RSCN was sent to all devices and when a large switch was 32 ports. We don't recommend this, unless you have the desire and time to manage 4 to 8 zones per device Get support. If you have any problems, please contact Veeam Support either by submitting a ticket or a phone call. Phone Support. Federal Government Customer Support: (240) 399-5082. License Management. SUPPORT RENEWA We then notified Pure support that we had some tests we'd like to try out, and subsequently ran the array through a barrage of performance and resiliency tests, then trued up expected generated alerts with Pure Support one for one. While writing heavy performance loads of 50000 IOPS, we removed drives one or two at a time - writes continued to hover around 50k, latency under a ms. Once the array recovered parity, we continued to pull drives. Then we pulled some more. And then a. PRE-INSTALL SUPPORT (ENGAGE PURE STORAGE SUPPORT FOR PRE-INSTALL) • Open a support case (if appropriate). A support case is needed anytime we go onsite and touch any customer's equipment. • Contact support to obtain the relevant info before install/upgrade ∙ Acquire code, consolidation plan, etc from Support INSTAL

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Read 181 case studies, success stories, & customer stories of individual Pure Storage customers - their use cases, successful stories, approaches, and end results software Welcome Sign in to link your corporate to a Red Hat Login. Enter your password Show. Forgot your password

This restricts the largest IO size that the OS will issue to a block device. The Pure Storage FlashArray can handle a maximum of 4MB writes. Therefore, we need to make sure that the maximum allowed IO size matches our expectations. You can check your current settings to determine what the IO size is, and as long as it does not exceed 4096, you should be fine The support request experience focuses on three main goals: Streamlined: Make support and troubleshooting easy to find and simplify how you submit a support request.; Integrated: You can easily open a support request when you're troubleshooting an issue with an Azure resource, without switching context.; Efficient: Gather the key information your support engineer needs to efficiently resolve.

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Pure Storage Inc. kicked off its virtual Accelerate event today by unveiling Purity 6.0, a new version of the operating system powering its flagship FlashArray line of all-flash arrays that introduce Wir hatten Pure Storage als Technologieführer für Flash-Array Speicherinfrastrukturen im Juli 2019 vorgestellt. Die Pure Storage Aktie wurde beim Börsengang Ende 2015 zu 17$ ausgegeben. Im FY16 erzielte man $440 Millionen Umsatz. 4 Jahre später, FY20, hat man den Umsatz annähernd vervierfacht auf $1,643 Milliarden. Der Börsenkurs hat sich seit dem IPO hingegen mittlerweile annähernd halbiert auf circa 9$ If you update your Cisco.com account with your WebEx/Spark email address, you can link your accounts in the future (which enables you to access secure Cisco, WebEx, and Spark resources using your WebEx/Spark Pure Storage and DXC Technology partner to help some of the world's largest businesses, consumer brands and government agencies get the most out of their data by quickly adopting artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other next-generation technologies. DXC customers around the world have relied on Pure Storage flash arrays for 5+ years. Now the fast-growing company has partnered with NVIDIA to provide massively parallel infrastructure for AI and ML environments

In 2013 I wrote, Scaling problems with traditional shared storage , which highlights the often overlooked issue when connecting more servers to a centralised SAN such as Pure Storage. As the environment supports more users, the controllers are infrequently at best increased/scaled which results in a lower IOPS per GB Pure flash storage is a leader in cloud, hybrid cloud, data protection and recovery solutions. 844-346-4TEK. Skip to Content. Sign In; Create an Account; Toggle Nav. My Cart. My Quote. Search. Search. Advanced Search. Recent Searches. MR30h (4) Meraki MR30H Wireless Access Point - Appliance Only (1952) MMR18eraki MR30H Wireless Access Point - Appliance Only (1146) mx84 (20) Search. Compare. These durable cases protect your device from extreme shock with protective bumpers on the corners and button coverage for 360-degree total protection. They fit securely and are designed for various device models. Slim Shell Cases for Phone Cases. Our Slim Shell cases are the perfect marriage of strength and flexibility. Made with flexible. Support cases. Support cases are associated with devices and with your HPE Support Center profile. Within My IT Environment you can view and modify cases. In the HPE Support Center you can browse to Cases in the following ways: Option 1: main menu > My IT Environment, then My IT Environment > Cases

Solution. Using the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter PowerShell Module a script can be written to convert and import a VMware OVA into a Hyper-V instance as a VHD file. The below demonstration video illustrates how the end-to-end process works. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device The PSU shroud perfectly covers the cables, PSU and contains a double HDD cage. The cover plates are separately detachable to install a 120mm fan on the top. With the small cover detached a 360mm radiator can be installed at the front. Using the PSU bracket the power supply unit can be easily installed from behind Standard Support. Our products come with support maintenance that, for perpetual licenses, includes one year of Standard Support. With Standard Support, you'll receive a response within two business hours or less when an emergency-level support case is submitted Monday through Friday during StorageCraft's normal business hours Repositionable HDD tray for individual space requirements inside the case; Three pre-installed, virtually inaudible be quiet! Silent Wings 3 PWM fans; Full-circuit airflow system with noise-reducing vents all around the case; Four areas for water cooling radiators up to 420mm on top, front, back and base; Three years manufacturer's warrant

1) Create Your Support Login. You'll need your Support Contract ID and PIN to complete the process. Manage Your Support Profile ; 2) Visit BMC Communities. Sign up for an account and join the conversation! Visit Communities Register Now ; 3) Explore BMC resources. Start with the Support Central User's Guide / PDF . New Customer Orientatio Outbound IP (s) or range (s): *. Provide no more than 256 total IP addresses using any of the following formats: - Ranges should be entered in CIDR format: Example: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/24. - Use a semi colon to separate individual IPs or IP ranges: Example: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx; yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy. Example: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/28; yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy/28 Blackbau CS:GO cases. Spectrum 2. $1.29. Open $1.29. Spectrum. $2.69. Open $2.69. Hydra. $3.79

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  2. My support. Call Home Web (also includes My systems and My inventory) Maintenance level comparison reports; Contracts and customer numbers; Downloads. Fix Central; Trials and demos; Entitled Systems Support; Shopz; Passport Advantage; Documents. IBM Knowledge Center; Redbooks; SaaS and Cloud product support; Cases. Hardware products; Software and cloud products; Communitie
  3. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case. Open a Support Case
  4. Update Fuel version numbers where needed. Update Fuel plugin version number where needed. Add new image in docs to aid with pre-configure of array. Move hiera parameters to puppet manifests and par..
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PURE BASE 500 Black Outstanding price-performance ratio. be quiet! Pure Base 500 Black combines customizable and silence features with a compact and sophisticated design. It is the perfect case for all who value compactness and highly functional features. Exchangeable top cover for silent or high-performance system HPE Nimble Storage Proactive Support Manager Service focuses on a holistic approach to storage management and support, and is the customer's central point of contact across a wide spectrum of practices. Frees up valuable IT resources; Optimizes IT investment; Helps enable peak storage healt Compute, storage and networking modules allow playbooks to directly provision these services. Ansible can even act as an orchestrator of other popular provisioning tools, giving you a high level, self documented, workflow. Private Cloud. One of the easiest ways to deploy, configure and orchestrate OpenStack private cloud is using Ansible. Ansible can be used to provision the underlying infrastructure, install services, add compute hosts, and more. Once the underlying environment is. Pure Storage acquires Portworx. Read the Press Release. Read now Portworx Enterprise is the Kubernetes storage platform trusted in production by the world's leading enterprises. EXPLORE CUSTOMER CASE STUDIES Portworx at your service. For your service. The Portworx Enterprise Storage Platform is your end-to-end storage and data management solution for all your Kuberneteslearn mor Market conditions are changing fast bringing new risks and challenges for IT leaders. Infinidat's flexible storage solutions help IT organizations embrace uncertainty, minimize exposure, and keep their businesses agile so they can overcome the challenges of the day

Submit & Manage a support case (for business customers with a valid warranty) Business Desktops, Monitors & Notebook computers. Business Inkjets. Designjets. Handheld devices. LaserJets. Print servers. RPoS. Storage. Servers. Thin Clients. Workstations. End of content. Country/Region : United States. HP Worldwide popUpSRBeginingLabelString Select Your Country/Region and Language. Click or use Simply select Support from the menu bar or open the Help + support hub. For more detailed information, please review How to create an Azure support request. Access to Subscription Management and billing support is included with your Microsoft Azure subscription, and Technical Support is provided through one of the Azure Support Plans

Project: Pure Storage Prague Office Segment: Office Country/city: Czech Republic/Prague Architect: PureStorage + Cushman & Wakefield Installer: BV GIPS EU s.r.o. Photographer: Aleš Jungman Project size: 29,000 square fee Contact our support at support@trekstor.de. Alternatively, you can contact our service hotline. For calls from Germany, please call 0621-87066153 and for an international call you can reach us at +49 621-87066153

I agree to these privacy terms for the Oracle Support Chat. I Do Not Agree I Agree. Kaspersky Sicherheitslösungen bieten Premium-Schutz für Privatanwender auf PC, Mac sowie Android-Handys und Tablets vor Viren, Ransomware und mehr @@ -36,9 +36,9 @@ ADD rest_extract /usr/share/pureswagger/ # this should overwrite the index.html provided in the cloned swagger-ui from master. COPY html/* /usr.

6.1. Safe removal of storage devices; 6.2. Removing a block device; 7. Troubleshooting DM Multipath. 7.1. DM Multipath troubleshooting checklist. 7.1.1. The multipath daemon is not running; 7.1.2. Issues with queue_if_no_path feature; 7.2. Troubleshooting with the multipathd interactive console; 8. Configuring maximum time for storage error recovery with eh_deadline. 8.1. The eh_deadline paramete World class support. Through a tightly integrated combination of people, processes and technologies, Commvault delivers support that customers trust to optimize operations, meet stringent service levels, achieve professional success and realize the full value of their data — regardless of time or location Hellcase ist die Webseite, bei der du Kisten öffnen kannst, sowohl zum Spaß als auch um tolle Skins zu gewinnen Before creating a case, please make sure you've exhausted all of the great resources available to you in the Power of Us Hub and on Trailhead, like this Best Practices for Troubleshooting Module.If you didn't find the information you need and feel that you need to create a technical support case, please follow the instructions below Trusted for over 30 years to provide and transform technology into complete solutions that advance the value of IT. Cloud, mobility, security, and more

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With our unique convergence of hardware, software, and storage expertise, we bring you the award-winning TrueNAS flash-turbocharged enterprise-grade open storage platform, offering reliability and performance at a value unheard of in storage. TrueNAS unifies storage access, grows to nearly 20 PB in a rack, is available in hybrid and all-flash configurations, has features that let you move away. Amazon S3 offers a range of storage classes designed for different use cases. These include S3 Standard for general-purpose storage of frequently accessed data; S3 Intelligent-Tiering for data with unknown or changing access patterns; S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (S3 Standard-IA) and S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access (S3 One Zone-IA) for long-lived, but less frequently accessed data; and Amazon.

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  1. be quiet! is a premium brand manufacturer of power supplies, cases and cooling solutions for your desktop PC. be quiet! Preinstalled Pure Wings 2 fans ; Sound-insulated or airflow-optimized ; Optimized for radiators up to 360mm ; Smart cable routing options provide a neat interior; Windowed side panel of tinted and tempered glass ; Pure Base 600 - Midi-Tower. 600 Window 600 . Pure Base.
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  3. SUSE Enterprise Storage is a flexible, reliable, cost-efficient and intelligent storage solution. Powered by Ceph, a cloud-native solution is engineered for a wide range of demanding workloads-from archival to high performance computing (HPC)

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OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform that allows businesses to control large pools of compute, storage and networking in a data centre. The fact that OpenStack is open source means that anyone that chooses to use it, can access the source code, make changes, and share these with the community. One of the key benefits of this. DocuSign's help and support portal dedicated to customer success with Digital Transaction Management. Skip to main content Product Descriptions X. eSignature. Use DocuSign eSignature to easily upload and send documents for electronic signature from anywhere and on any device. This includes DocuSign Click, DocuSign Simplified Sending and any third-party integration that relies on eSignature. Continue to create case. Schließen. Contact Support * indicates required field. Häufig gestellte Fragen an den Kundenservice . Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen zum Kontozugriff, Produktschlüsseln und Bestellungen. Support-FAQ. Tableau-Hilfe . Hier finden Sie technische Ressourcen, Funktionen und Anleitungen. Tableau-Hilfe anzeigen . Knowledgebase . Hier finden Sie Antworten auf.

No other technology provides such a comprehensive hands-off approach for the vast majority of storage administration tasks. Learn More. Who We Are . Tintri's AI-enabled Intelligent Infrastructure delivers unique outcomes in enterprise data centers. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Tintri. Choose different. About Tintri. Unique Value. Under the Hood: Dell and Vertica - Leveraging Cloud Technologies for On-premise Analytics. In this webinar from our Under The Hood series, join Thomas Henson, Global Business Development for AI/Analytics at Dell Technologies, and Amit Saha, Principal Product Manager for Big Data Analytics and Cloud for Vertica, as they share how on-premises object stores like Dell ECS can provide a durable. Ubisoft Support Homepage is where you will find help about Ubisoft games and services. You will be able to search for your problem, browse FAQs, get game service status, view most popular forum posts, submit a case and chat with an agent Open a case; Chat live; Need more help? Alerts Sign out Sign in. Contact Support PRODUCT ISSUES; Open a case; Chat live; Need more help? Sign out Customers who viewed this article also viewed {{item.title}} {{pageUrl+item.url+'?recommended'}} CTX118791 {{tooltipText}} Multipathing Overview for XenServer 6.2, 6.5, and 7.0. Article | Authentication Configuration Storage | {{likeCount}} found.

In this scenario, the cluster is connected via iSCSI to a shared storage cluster. We used the GlusterFS file system, a free, scalable, open source distributed file system specifically optimized for cloud storage. However, IBM no longer supports this solution. To maintain your support from IBM, you need to use a supported iSCSI-compatible file system. Microsoft offers Storage Spaces Direct (S2D. With data at the heart of your organization, you need to ensure it's protected, recoverable, and accessible for secondary use cases. That means you'll need a portfolio of data protection solutions that can deliver fast, reliable recovery, agile cloud backup, and cost-effective data archive. For all of that, there's HPE

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Dyson Luftreiniger - wie der Dyson Pure Cool, und Luftbefeuchter - wie der Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool verfügen über eine 360° versiegelte Filtration. Das vollständig versiegelte Filtersystem kombiniert einen Aktivkohlefilter zur Entfernung von Gasen und einen HEPA-13-Filter mit Borosilikatglas, der 99.95% der mikroskopisch kleinen Allergene und Schadstoffe mit einer Größe von nur 0.1. To open a Severity 1 or Severity 2 Case for your product, please call TAC at: +1-800-553-2447 (US/Canada, toll free) +1-408-526-7209 (US/Canada, local charges may apply) or find TAC in your regio Assistance for billing and subscription management issues is available online or by telephone during local business hours, Monday through Friday. Billing and subscription management support can be accessed using the same phone number and online service request process as with technical support

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Radiator Support - Rear 120mm, 140mm Radiator Support - Bottom 120mm, 140mm, 240mm Clearance - CPU Cooler 198mm Clearance - GFX 320mm (w/ 3.5 HDD cage), 490mm (w/o 3.5 HDD cage) Power Supply Support Bottom mount, ATX PS2 Dust Filters Top, Front, Bottom Lighting Support 1x RGB Connection, RGB Control Board EAN Code 4719512085028 UPC Code 88410205747 Helpful Tips in Opening a Case View full article. Contact Us Create a new support case or view existing cases. SIGN IN TO CONTACT SUPPORT. Our Support Levels We know that our customers have different use cases and different needs, so we offer multiple levels of Customer Support. Read More About Support Levels. Standard. AMER: M-F 8-8 EST/EDT; EMEA: M-F 8-5 BST/BDT; APAC: M-F 8-7 AEST/AEDT.

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  1. We are keen to help you. You have a question or comment? We would enjoy hearing from you. You can search our FAQs or contact us directly. Please select a topic if you choose to send us an email: General request. RMA. Spare parts. Technical support
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  3. Please submit a case with Riverbed Support and attach the nodeid file to the case. The nodeid file is generated on your Director (Follow documentation on steps to generate nodeid file)
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  5. Vdbench is a controlled I/O load simulation tool for storage systems. It gives control over workload parameters like I/O rate, LUN or file size, transfer size and cache hit percentage. It generates reports which are Web accessible in HTML format. It is an open source tool from Oracle, with 99 per cent of it written in Java and 1 per cent in C language. It works on all Linux and Windows operating systems. It is designed to execute workloads on a storage system
  6. NexentaStor Appliance is NAS/SAN software platform designed for building reliable and fast network storage arrays. NexentaStor can serve as a storage node for the OpenStack and its virtual servers through iSCSI and NFS protocols. Essex Folsom Grizzly Havana Icehouse Juno
  7. 2.40: support of LAN monitoring, support of HPE StoreVirtual, IBM FlashSystem, PureStorage FlashBlade. 2.30: support of Dell EMC² XtremIO, DataCore SANsymphony, HPE StoreOnce, Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series. 2.20: support of Dell EMC² Isilon and DataDomain, Infinidat InfiniBox, HPE Nimble and Fujitsu ETERNUS

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Tweet at us @AzureSupport. Samsung reduces costs, increases reliability for smart TV services with cloud solution. Managed services provider uses enhanced support service to ramp up cloud business. Web sales soar 200% as Garuda takes open source e-commerce sites to Microsoft cloud This enterprise-grade file storage service scales up to meet your storage needs and can be accessed concurrently by thousands of compute instances. Limitations. While in preview, NFS has the following limitations: NFS 4.1 currently only supports most features from the protocol specification. Some features such as delegations and callback of all kinds, lock upgrades and downgrades, Kerberos authentication, and encryption are not supported With full support for liquid cooling - the Core P3 is built from the ground up to make even the most advanced PC customization and modification effortless and hassle free, making it a dream to build with. The open frame panel design is protected with a clear acrylic panel - behind which sits the chassis frame, with supports the latest PC hardware, AIO and DIY liquid cooling solutions.

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Microsoft hilft Ihnen gerne bei Produkten wie Office, Windows, Surface und weiteren Produkten. Finden Sie Artikel, Videos, Schulungen, Lernprogramme und vieles mehr This implies all current case management systems including ServiceNow will retire and transition to Wolkensoft. Go-live date for Wolkensoft is planned for Monday, April 5 th, 2021, 08:00 AM PST. All current user accounts, active projects, and product cases will be migrated to the new system Select the Options button at the top right of the screen. In the drop-down menu, select Go To: Contact Support. You will now see the Open a Support Case page. Select Email Us for a support ticket or Start Chat for a live chat within the listed hours of operation

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In other cases, the code may be used to integrate big data processing into a business application or solution. Data associated with Azure HDInsight clusters. Most HDInsight cluster types (Hadoop, HBase, Storm) support Data Lake Storage Gen1 as a data storage repository. HDInsight clusters access data from Azure Storage Blobs (WASB). For better performance, you can copy the data from WASB into a Data Lake Storage Gen1 account associated with the cluster. You can use the following tools to. File storage has been around for considerably longer than object storage and is something most people are familiar with. You name your files/data, place them in folders, and can nest them under more folders to form a set path. In this way, files are organized into a hierarchy, with directories and sub-directories. Each file also has a limited set of metadata associated with it, such as the file name, the date it was created, and the date it was last modified A Case of Trust: What South Korea's Response to COVID-19 Teaches Other Countries UN Sustainable Development Goals In September 2015, 193 countries agreed to adopt a set of global goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all Storage server for moving large volumes of data to Google Cloud. Customers can create a support case by filling out the form on the Maps Platform Support page in the Google Cloud Console. Documentation . Get API-specific documentation, in-depth tutorials, and more. Cloud Identity. 24/7 support from a real person is included with your paid subscription. And our Help Center is filled with. Our support engineers average 10 years' experience, and carry multiple industry certifications in virtualization (AHV, ESXi and Hyper V), networking, Unix administration and various enterprise applications (SQL, Exchange, VDI, backup) to help resolve issues all the way through your application stack. Get the details on how we support your Nutanix solution

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Verkaufsgespräch. 0800-000-7048. Support anrufen. +49 69 380 789 143. Vertrag. +49 69 380 789 142. Garantie. Sie sind im Begriff, die Website zu verlassen: Deutschland - Deutsch. Die von Ihnen angeforderten Kontaktangaben befinden sich auf einer anderen HPE Website Plus, Ansible's extensive support allows you to then deploy and orchestrate across all of your virtual environments once you've provisioned them. When you add Red Hat® Ansible® Tower to your environment, non-administrative users can safely request and manage virtual resources using the Playbooks you provide them-- all without needing access to sensitive credentials Open a case; Chat live; Need more help? Sign out Customers who viewed this article also viewed {{item.title}} {{pageUrl+item.url+'?recommended'}} CTX208402 {{tooltipText}} ShareFile Known Issues. Article | | {{likeCount}} found this helpful | Created: {{articleFormattedCreatedDate}} | Modified: {{articleFormattedModifiedDate}} download Why can't I download this file? Log in to Verify Download. Hardware that is affordable and fast, packed in a gorgeous case and powered by the most powerful home automation software on the planet: Home Assistant. LIMITED EDITION. $140 * BUY NOW * Price does not include taxes and import fees Powerful ODROID-N2+ 4GB DDR4. Reliable eMMC FAST 128GB. Complete All-in-one Core, Case and Power. Ready Zero Setup Comes with Home Assistant. Our Blue vision. The.

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